Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Life

My AE girls went home from Dallas March 1st and I took Paige and Grace to my sister's farm in the booming town of Dodd City. I came home in time to vote on Tuesday and Grace and Paige then visited me Thursday and Friday. When they left on Friday afternoon my family and I left on a spring break trip. We got home yesterday around midnight.

Now that you are bored and updated with my schedule I'll talk about real Life. Life is much more real than schedules or even the situations that seem paramount to us.

Being home is very different than being in 'ministry'. People always seem to respect those who are not at home, whether it's for a career, college, or what is labeled ministry. "At least they are doing something" is the apparent feeling. I agree that it is good to do something, and all those things are good things to do. But isn't there more to the story?


Jesse said...

hey! welcome home! love you and hope to see you soon! :)

Cassie said...

Wait a minute..."boring" updates are part of your Real Life, too, and you shoudln't make them feel inferior like that...Poor little things! Why not include them, entwine them, integrate them with your Real Life feelings to liven things up a bit? Just sayin'