Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Update From Dallas

I decided you all really deserve an update. I can not say that I haven't updated because I am madly busy. God has been teaching me that my worth does not lie in busyness, so I haven't had as much to do as I would like. At the same time, He is teaching Paige (Director of AE) to accept her limitations and let Grace and I do our job of supporting her, so I have more to do recently. He puts people together in the most amazing ways.

All three of us are totally new to these positions, Paige's training was minimum, mine was none, and I think Grace's was somewhere in between. None of us really knew what to expect work wise. We knew how it was supposed to look from a student's view but we weren't sure what our jobs would be to make it look like that. It has been an adventure.

I could fill you in on our schedule but frankly it's rather boring and mostly routine. I'd much rather fill you in on the hearts of the girls but I'm afraid I'm not really qualified to say what is in their hearts. Therefor, all that I'm left with is God and me.I'm not sure how qualified I am to put that into words either.

As I was planning on helping with AE I was not sure how wise it was to come because I was so tired at home that I was almost on complete bed rest. I came anyway because I felt like God wanted me to in spite of the 'logic' of the decision. When I got here I found that Paige was in the same situation. Between the three of us (when Paige delegates) there is just enough work to keep us busy and give Paige and I more time to rest than most people need. God is teaching both of us that our sleeping is for Him as much as our working is for Him. My heart is doing very well because God created it, He bought it, He wooed it, He loves it, and He keeps it.

It seems that God's theme for all of us this AE is that He is the Pursuer. So often we get into the mindset that God is, at worst, actively hiding from us or, at best, passively sitting on His throne waiting for us to stumble upon His exact location. I do not advise running from God just to see how long and hard He will pursue you. However, I do advise letting your pursuit of God be full of joy in the knowledge that every time you seek Him, He is there. He is not hiding from us, He is chasing us.

Everything here is going according to schedule; not always according to our schedule, but always according to His.