Friday, January 18, 2008

Leaving Again

In about an hour, I am going to Dallas again. This time I am serving as one of two assistant directors for the Advanced Excel program. There are eight girls in the class and three of us leaders.

Please pray for me and the other two leaders, Paige Advanced Excel director and Grace assistant director, as this is our first time to be in this role and we are still learning the ropes. Paige and Grace have been in Dallas the past week getting things in motion.

Pray for the girls who are coming to be discipled and will be going home to disciple. Pray that the subjects they will be learning will not be a distraction from God but a new place to meet God.

We will be keeping up a blog from Dallas if any of your are interested you can find it here.

I love you guys.


Bailey said...

luv u 2! praying for you and the girls who come =D

Feeny Family said...

You three primary colors will be in our prayers!:-)
God Bless!

Love & Prayers,
Your M&M's

Feeny Family said...
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Feeny Family said...

Fyi...I accidentally posted the same thing twice...hence the deleted post.:-)